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Julian Burnside AO QC

"A donation to Humanist Aid goes directly, and in full, to achieving humanitarian help. Because Humanist Aid researches the activities of the charities it supports, you can be confident that your donation made via Humanist Aid will be used as you intend: to provide real help to people in need. No wasteful expenses; no hidden agendas."

Julian Burnside AO QC

Alex Greenwich MP State Member for Sydney

"Humanist Aid has identified charities that help disadvantaged people without any other agenda. You can donate knowing that funds go to organisations working with those most in need and your money will make a difference in their lives."

Alex Greenwich MP
State Member for Sydney

Andrew Bartlett Former Senator

"I recommend Humanist Aid as an ideal way to ensure your donations are used to maximum effect with organisations that have a proven record. Let other people do the work of identifying effective secular charities and 100% of your donation is put to work addressing short-term need and long-term change."

Andrew Bartlett
Former Senator, Convenor Queensland Greens

Humanist Aid is a registered charity established in late 2013 by a group of humanist friends in Sydney, Australia wanting to do something worthwhile with their time and energy which could help make a positive difference to the lives of others.

We are committed to supporting secular, non-religious charities which operate without any agenda other than to assist those in need.

All donations received and funds raised are forwarded in full to our chosen charities as any expenses associated with running the organisation, which are kept to a minimum, are covered directly by our directors.

Humanist Aid consists of an association, Humanist Aid Incorporated, which is governed by a Board.

Some of the documents required to operate our charity can be viewed here:

Charity Registration

Fundraising Authority

Humanist Aid Constitution


For further information contact us here.